Bigger than the sum of its parts – Cape Greco 11 March

Our excursion of 11th of March offered a very large group of Strollers, old and new, the opportunity to explore the beautiful area of Cape Greco, at a time that nature is at its best. Climbing to the top of the cliff, down to the church of Agioi Anargyroi, round to Konnos and as far as the occult Cyclop’ s Cave, we experienced the rebirth of nature under the warm sun and the watchful eye of a proud eagle flying over us throughout our meanders. In the end, we shared our experiences and food in a picnic that brought us even closer. All in all this outing, full of colors and local smells right next to the sea, generated the warm feeling our Sunday had become somehow bigger than one day! Compliments to Christos for leading the hike, to Evi for this summary and to Antonia and Nana for the photos. Join us on 17 March at Platres


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