A Blessed Rain Brought Strollers So Close – Mahairas excursion 21 Feb.

The weather forecast was proven right this time. Some 15 min. after we set off on the climb from Mandra Kampiou at Mahairas mountains, on Sunday 21 February, the sky opened. Down came rain, as cold as snow, which soon after turned into sleet. The large group of brave Strollers continued our ascent and were fortunate, in that half an hour further uphill we reached a hut, as expected. Even though the hut was no bigger than 3mX3m, 29 people and 3 dogs managed to find shelter and comfort under its roof. It was a memorable experience, since Strollers never came so close before. The buffet meal that capped this outing, in a hospitable taverna, warmed up by two fireplaces, was a well-deserved reward. Compliments to Laurent, for leading this excursion. Wondering where are the photos? Oh, dear, after this close experience, they would be too intimate to reveal… Join us on 27 Feb. on Troodos.



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