Generosity in Abundance – 12 Jan. 2019

Generosity was displayed in so many ways on this first outing of the club’s 10th season of excursions into the Cyprus countryside. Saturday 12 January offered not one, but two hikes near Lythrodontas; there was not a drop of rain, in a welcome respite from the heavy rainfall of these days; participating Strollers had an overflow of good humour, and extended a warm welcome to the new members; among us Luke was so generous in collecting a bagful of cartridges left behind by hunters; the walk leader recited an ancient Irish blessing for the new year to all; the rich meal at Steki Marinos that followed was highly enjoyed; our host, Marinos, baked the tastiest vasilopita we can remember; and to cap it all, there were not one, but two tokens, which translated to two gifts, for Gunnar and young George, the lucky winners, thanks to the generosity of Galatia, who offered the second gift. Compliments to Christos and Stathis for the photos. Join us on 19 Jan. at Asinou


2 thoughts on “Generosity in Abundance – 12 Jan. 2019

  1. This was our first walk with the Cyprus Strollers! We thoroughly enjoyed our day in your company. The walk was a splendid opportunity to get back to exercising after a long while… George had a good time and we thank Galatia for the present which has been put to good use already. We look forward to joining you again!

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