Wonders of Nature – Kyperounda 17 Nov.

The large group of Strollers on Sunday 17 November along the Platania – Kyperounda trail were offered a rare reward: the sighting of a terebinth tree attacked by wasps, and the defense mechanism the plant had developed, in what looked like an attractive pericarpium, in its effort to enclose the attackers. Viewed differently, one further example of what is sensational to the eye is often deceptively empty of worth. Can you think of another club which attracts such breadth of knowledge and offers such blend of hiking with socialising and stretching of the mind and imagination? Compliments to Vakis for this botanical illumination and to Panayiotis and Stathis for their photos. Join us on 23 Nov to discover Kourtellorotsos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/panagia-araka-kourtellorotsos-23-nov/

not beauty

terebinth defense


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