A Most Romantic Spot – Moutoullas 1 March

The club’s decision to move the two hikes at Gerakies and Moutoullas from Saturday (forecast with all-day rain) to Sunday ought not make anyone feel smart; it was simply fortuitous; as it turned out, the day was sunny and dry; but there was a flip side to our luck, because our taverna of choice could not accommodate us on the Sunday and we had to compromise with another venue; which proved below the standards you have come to expect and enjoy with the club. Notwithstanding the dining experience, we all agreed to return to base holding on to the very romantic impressions we experienced at the short stroll around the waters of Moutoullas; which one justly called a corner of paradise. Compliments to all diners for your understanding. Compliments to Nicoletta, Maria, Nana and Antonis for the photos. Join us on 8 March at Galata https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/galata-cultural-stroll-8-march/


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