Be Nice to Each Other – Trimiklini 14 March

Amid the widespread fear of covid-19 we had a surprisingly large turnout for the hike at Trimiklini on 14 March. Just another vote of trust in the Cyprus Strollers, the only hiking club on the island bringing you a firm schedule of weekly hiking activities committed months in advance, a dedicated website, a high sense of responsibility and an international members list combined. Thank you to all. Rewards were plentiful, among them the spotting of the quite rare lilac anemone. Discussions not surprisingly centered around the virus threat and measures announced. Reassuringly, the parting message was drawn from Mr. & Mrs., a popular TV series of a few decades ago, which closed every week with the same urge: Be Nice to Each Other. Compliments to Britt and Dimitris for leading this successful outing. Compliments also to Anna, Maria and Stathis for the photos. Join us on 22 March alongside Pedieos Gorge, for which the club is enforcing a strict procedure of pre-registration and approvals, in response to the virus threat


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