A Time to Reflect

I will start with a few thoughts already expressed rather widely. This pandemic is wholly democratic, it strikes the rich as it does the poor. Perhaps there is no parallel in the entire world history, not because there have not been epidemics with a greater death toll, but because the overuse of the opportunity to fly at an affordable cost has contributed extensively to the rapid spread of the disease. It is impossible to see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, because masses of people have/are behaving carelessly.

Even when we, hopefully, reach a hiatus in the summer, there would be no guarantee that a mutant would not strike again in 2021. In whatever circumstances, nonetheless, the blow to the economy and family incomes will be disastrous (loss of employment, reduced salaries, shortage of goods, frugal consumption). At this point, the burden will be much heavier on the lower income families, and all talk of a democratic pandemic will cease.

So what can one do, today, as we stay locked inside? There are people who live in panic. The realization of death is a serious awakening. Could this be attributed to a belief that one would live endlessly? Or, rather, the conscience of a life conducted selfishly, with little regard for the other? Do we see in this crisis the need for greater sympathy, compassion, humble behaviour? Will man/woman carry on in the conceit that they are gods? Can covid-19 signal the start of a new approach to life, where we cherish every day, are thankful for the eternal pleasures of life, and express our gratitude for the gifts in one’s life?

The Cyprus Strollers is founded on the premise of giving and sharing. Possibly many of you feel a longing for all the goodness the club has offered you. The photo shows a tree bending in ‘modesty’. We wish every member and your loved ones a healthy sojourn through the pandemic. We hope to be able to resume normal operations soon. In the meantime, do take this opportunity at the space ‘leave a comment’ below this text, to express any short or longer thought, to share with all.


One thought on “A Time to Reflect

  1. This situation opens up a space to think and contemplate about our society and the human experience. Most of the time our minds are filled with external stimuli such as media and entertainment. In all of this, it stands out what a big role the hikes with the Cyprus Strollers are in my life. Connecting movement, contact with nature and breaking bread with likeminded fellow humans on a weekend day is a recharge for the week ahead. I know for sure that the first thing I will do when the lockdown is lifted is to go for a walk in the mountains. Looking forward to re-connect with all the Strollers soon and wishing everyone best of health and safety.

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