A Club with Values – Mandra Kampiou 30 Jan.

The Cyprus Strollers is a club proud of its members, who display remarkable values. The hike on Mahairas on 30 January offered ample evidence. Even though we hiked under constant light rain, turnout was large, all were appropriately dressed, everyone made it to the end and in good spirits, our photographer defied the rain to produce some excellent shots. Furthermore, when we needed to cross overflowing streams the walk leader offered assistance, and when Lakis needed backing, two eager samaritans, Alena and Anna Bella, stepped forward. The lunch that followed was a splendid reward for all. Compliments to Antonis for leading the activity and to Anna for the photos. Join us at Platania on 5 Feb. https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/platania-spilia-sat-5-feb/


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