Pipis hills 7 Jan. 2023

The first walk of 2023 to start off Cyprus Strollers season 18 was a gentle return to hiking after the Christmas and New Year’s break.

The large group of hikers bore the well-known Strollers signature: multiple nationalities, all ages. In perfect weather, we walked along wide trails with the hills of Larnaca in the distance on the one side and pine forests on the other, mixing beautiful views with easy conversation as veteran Strollers got to know newcomers.

As always, the day’s outing ended with a generous spread of Cyprus meze favourites for all taste preferences, before members shared their thoughts about the joys, benefits and privileges of experiencing nature and enjoying such an abundant meal in good company.

Compliments to Dina for this summary and to Anna for the photos. Join us on 14 Jan. to share the Club’s Vasilopita https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/lythrodontas-2-hikes-saturday-14-january-2023/


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