Where Blue meets Green – Petra Romiou 19 Feb.

On Sunday 19 February, the Cyprus Strollers walked along the coast at Petra tou Romiou. The weather was warmer than expected, the sky clearer than usual, and the gathering much bigger than ever. It was an easy 14 km walk, which attracted more newcomers even than the regular Strollers. The legend of Aphrodite, which would normally dominate such an excursion, faded into the background as Strollers old and new from around the world met and shared the experience, while languages from Arabic to Chinese could be heard along the way – all noting the beauty of the environment, where the sea meets land, where blue meets green, and flowers of yellow, pink and purple dot the terrain. This is the hiking season in Cyprus at its best. So join us for another amazing blue-green experience this Saturday https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/lefkara-dam-25-feb/. Compliments to Dina for this summary and to Antonis and Renee for the photos.


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