Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary – Rizoelia Park 29 Jan.

Are The Cyprus Strollers the club that can turn ordinary hikes into extraordinary experiences? The very large group of participants, including 45 new members, at the Rizoelia park stroll on Sunday 29 January may offer their answer, concerning an easy hike that promised little, ‘on paper’. Strollers enjoyed the moderate weather, the gypsum deposits, the two species of rare and protected plants (Campanula fastigiata and Gypsophila linearifolia), the first anemones which dared flower, the unexpected visit to a small church, the long views to Larnaca Salt Lake, and the fish feast at the end. Furthermore, an experience not-to-be-missed was the surprise recital Yiannis offered, on mandrake. Compliments to Marios, Christine and Teresa for the photos. Join us on 5 Feb. at Delikipos, where we shall bid goodbye to Laura https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/delikipos-hike-sunday-5-feb/


mandrake (belladonna)/mandragoras

mandrake (belladonna)/mandragoras




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