Strollers on Snow – 5 March

Perhaps the hike of Sunday 5 March was the one which generated the broadest range of sentiments, in the history of the Cyprus Strollers. A very large group took the challenge of Atalanti on Troodos, hiking for long on snow, and courageously concluded the 9 km trail up to the exit to the paved road. Sentiments varied from the excitement of the snow-covered land, and the rare views, to the tension of coping with the slippery path. No one could have summed up the event better than Pamela, who put this in writing: ‘it was a true survival trip but hasn’t put me off of any further hikes; you are all a great club, thank you’. Compliments to George for leading the excursion, and to Teresa, Christine and Marios for the photos. Join us on 11 March at Kato Drys

crocus, defiant of snow

in consultation


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