Encore! Chanted the Strollers at the Finale – 28 May

The excursion of Sunday 28 May at Almyrolivado, on Troodos mountain, marked the finale of the Jan-May 2017 season. The mood was joyful throughout the two hikes and the picnic that followed. The highlight of the day came at the end, when Christina presented a cake made for the occasion, to sweeten our teeth and seal the fond memories. All participants exchanged wishes for the summer period, and expressed the desire to meet up over the summer. The club also welcomed new members, and said goodbye to Kate, who returns to her teaching job in the USA. Compliments to Christina for the cake and to Koula for the photos.

Juniper 500 years 16 m 1.42m diameter

tree burnt by thunder

admiring a long view


One thought on “Encore! Chanted the Strollers at the Finale – 28 May

  1. I’m so glad I found the Cyprus Strollers early on in my year in Cyprus! I’ve gotten to see so many different (and surprising) places in this beautiful island thanks to this group. And all in the best of company! (also the food was delicious.) Thank you so much to all of the Strollers for being such a friendly and welcoming group, and to Xenophon especially, for everything he does to make the group run so well. Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!
    If anyone here ever finds themselves in New York, my hiking group there would be more than happy to have you on one of our walks – and for the food afterwards. We’re very much in the same spirit as the Strollers, so you’d fit right in!

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