Defying Strollers – Platania 21 Oct.

Multiple rewards were in store for the Strollers who defied the toughness of the path and accepted the logistics of the 21 October hike from Agios Nicolaos to Platania. The scenery, the panoramic views east and north, to the bay of Morphou, on an unprecedentedly clear day, the rich forest in its autumn colours, a rare sighting of the beautiful red fruit of poison ivy. A chameleon trapped on the paved road, and Xenophon who helped it cross to a safe place. A wonderful lunch and lots of fun at the table. Compliments to George and Clara for the photos. Join us on 29 Oct. at Kyparissia


One thought on “Defying Strollers – Platania 21 Oct.

  1. Very well said!
    It’s nature at its best. It’s the change of season and the euphoria that filled our souls by watching the leaves turn to beautiful browns, yellows, burning oranges, purples and reds. A true feeling of harmony..

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