The venue for the club hike of Sunday 29 Oct. changes to Stavrovouni

Alert to all Strollers. Due to the weather forecast for Sunday 29 October the Walk Leader, in consultation with the Club Organizer, has decided to abandon the scheduled excursion to Kyparissia. In its place, the club plans to hike tomorrow at Stavrovouni, and invites all to participate. We set off for the car drive from the Handicrafrs Centre at 9:45 am. We aim to start hiking at 10:45 am. Read the detailed instructions for Stavrovouni in the Activities Description section. Read a forecast for the weather expected north of Stavrovouni here Read a forecast for the weather expected south of Stavrovouni here In short, at time of writing, the hourly weather forecast is “mostly sunny/ partly cloudy”, with probability of precipitation 0%, becoming 10-15% at 2 pm. If you have registered for Kyparissia and would like to abstain from Stavrovouni, please feel free to do so, sending an sms to the Club Organizer. If you had planned to abstain from Kyparissia and wish to join us at Stavrovouni, feel welcome, sending an sms to the Club Organizer. Lunch after the Stavrovouni hike will be at a taverna we have visited and appreciated on previous occasions.


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