Resourcefulness, Adaptability and Caring: this Club’s Spirit in Full Display on 28-29 Oct.

The weather forecast for 29 October called for thunderstorms at Kyparissia, our scheduled venue. Ian as Walk Leader, assisted by Jackie, Deborah and the Club Organizer invested time and effort, searched for solutions and supporting reasoning, and came up with an alternative plan. The new venue was Stavrovouni, the mountain with the Monastery housing part of the Holy Cross of Christianity. The plan was expertly communicated on time, and the attendance was brilliant. And, as if by miracle, the hike was conducted entirely in dry weather. Join us on 4 Nov. at Kato Drys


One thought on “Resourcefulness, Adaptability and Caring: this Club’s Spirit in Full Display on 28-29 Oct.

  1. When we looked at the weather forecast for the mountains north of Limassol, we (Ian, Jackie, Deborah) were on the point of cancelling the walk, because the whole of Sunday afternoon threatened not just heavy rain but lightning as well. You do not take risks with lightning in mountains (see I don’t mind getting wet so much, but I don’t want to run an 80% chance of permanent, life-long disability by taking a lightning strike.
    However, we discussed the situation with Xenophon, and agreed the Strollers should meet on Sunday as usual and think about what we do. Then we looked at the weather on Stavrovouni just 60 km away, and the difference was unbelievable: a bit windy, but no rain and no thunderstorms! We had already planned a walk on Stavrovouni in a few weeks, so we sent out an email alert to switch the venues, and we were in business. I think everyone will agree it was a good decision, and a great time was had by all. So the walk to Kyparissia, originally planned for last Sunday, will take place on November 18, led by the three of us. Join us then. We call ourselves The Trailblazers. Our mission: to seek out brilliant new hiking routes for the Cyprus Strollers not too far from Nicosia.

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