Hike with a Bonus – 12 Nov. Artemis

The largest gathering of Strollers since 29 January, participated in the excursion to Troodos on Sunday 12 November. Artemis is the highest trail in Cyprus, the day was bright and the walk leader delivered on his promise to add a bonus to the hike when, with about one kilometre left from finish, he led a large group up a quite steep slope, thus reaching the big ball at the radar on Hionistra, which is the point with the highest altitude on the island. Compliments to Christos for leading this outing and to Christine and Clara for the photos. Join us on 18 Nov. at Kyparissia https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kyparissia-nature-trail-18-nov/.

view from highest point


steps away from highest point

twisted dead tree trunk


One thought on “Hike with a Bonus – 12 Nov. Artemis

  1. Amazing day from any point of view. But as I am a geology lover and since Artemis trail is truly the paradise of geology, I would like to share with you something interesting I have read, about this issue!
    These rocks we all admired contain newer seams of pegmatitic gabbro, rodingite and pyroxenite. Along the fissures, the harzburgite has been transformed into green serpentinite. Harzburgite is the brittle remainder of the partial melting of the Upper Mantle at a depth of approximately 60km beneath the Tethys ocean floor and the creation of basalt magma from which the remaining rocks of the ophiolite complex were created some 92 million years ago.
    It is impressive to realise that walking on the highest point of the Troodos range is like walking on rocks belonging to the Earth’s Upper Mantle. This is something that you will find in very few places around the world.

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