Untamed Delikipos – 18 Feb.

Our Delikipos hike on Sunday 18 February was an extraordinary experience in many ways. To begin with, it was a hike in the original sense of the word: no designated trail, no marked out path. This was just man exploring nature as God created it. Thanks to our walk leader Ian, who reads his surroundings like a book and had mapped out the route expertly, we could all enjoy this more ‘au naturel’ hike without fear of getting lost.

En route, as we inhaled the fresh air saturated with the scent of wild thyme, it soon became clear that Spring was already here – much earlier than expected. Our snapping phone cameras captured various wild flowers that decorated our route, while frogs croaked in the small stream that we enjoyed crossing a few times as we rambled across this beautiful valley, known to benefit from healthy rainfall. For three hours and covering approximately 9km, it was easy to forget that we were still in February and only half an hour from Nicosia.

Once again, the group that gathered for this hike was a cosmopolitan mix of nature friends from around the world, including regular Strollers and visitors, from countries such as Argentina, Austria, Iceland, Sweden, Lebanon, Iran, China and of course the UK, Greece and Cyprus. All in all, another wonderful opportunity to exercise and socialize with the Cyprus Strollers. Compliments to Ian for leading the outing, to Dina for the summary and to Ramzi, Koula and Clara for the photos. Join us on 25 Feb. at Xyliatos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/xyliatos-dam-stavros-agiasmati-linear-hike-25-feb/


One thought on “Untamed Delikipos – 18 Feb.

  1. Very well said and I definitely agree!! It was like exploring and searching more and more.. I didn’t want this adventure to end. I believe that the most important thing that we all felt by the end of hiking was a big and true smile in our soul. Not all who wander are lost…

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