Utterly Liberating Hike – Stavros Agiasmati 25 Feb.

Our bodies, minds and souls felt so liberated, on the hike to Stavros Agiasmati of Sunday 25 February. Perhaps because of the large turnout of regular Strollers, members we had not seen for some time and newcomers, from many backgrounds and nationalities. Or the sparkling colours of a precocious Spring. Maybe the sheer luck, to find the splendidly wall-painted byzantine church of Stavros open for our visit, contributed to our euphoria. These wonderful conditions brought out the best in us, evidenced in the cheerfulness of conversations, and playfulness at the lunch table. Compliments to Christos and Clara for the photos. Join us on 3 March at Asinou https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/adelphi-forest-panagia-asinou-hike-3-march/


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