A conversation with nature – Prodromos forest 30 April

Neither the possibility of rain, nor the hailstorms the day before – and therefore expected muddy terrain – and not even the long holiday weekend deterred a large group of Strollers from today’s outing in the mountains around the Prodromos dam. The 13km route entirely along quiet dirt roads in the forest was more of a walk than a hike. As such, it was an invitation to chat with fellow Strollers, observe trees and bushes, soak up the high-altitude views or simply walk in silence and let the forest do the talking. And although the clouds gradually got thicker and darker, they provided cool temperatures but thankfully no rain. As usual, the walk ended with the rich spread in the local taverna, and plans to meet up again next weekend here https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/platys-valley-6-may/ Compliments to Maria, Anna and Nicos for the photos, and to Dina for this summary.


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