Jewel on the crown – Platys 6 May

The hike of 6 May, a 1st time destination for the Club in its 9 years, was a marvelous experience, viewed on several grounds: for the landscape, in a thick forest along the banks of a river; for the weather, optimal cloudy throughout; for the calibre of participants, who defied forecasts of thunderstorms; for the cheerful welcome of 2 members arriving late, in a hitched car; and for the rich meal that followed hiking, combined with joyful conversations. In alignment with the spirit of the day, which saw the coronation of the King of Britain, this event surely counts as a jewel on the crown of accomplishments of the Cyprus Strollers. Compliments to Antonis for leading the activity and to Chrysa, Eleni, Anna and Maria for the photos. The Club sends Giannis, who is leaving Cyprus, best wishes on his next endeavor. Join us on 14 May  


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